At Invictus Academy we provide world class education that has been proven worldwide to produce results in the classroom. Our student athletes receive a much better teacher to pupil ratio than in traditional schools, which we believe is one of the reasons why we see better academic results.


Our staff is fully committed to the comprehensive development of each student-athlete. For student-athletes aiming to play collegiate sports in the US, we currently offer American schooling



Although rigorous, these programs are especially designed to fit the demanding

schedule of the elite athlete and adhere to NCAA (the National Collegiate Athletics Association) eligibility standards. Courses include: Core subjects, Honors, Advanced Placement and over 60 electives. Our student-athletes are assigned to an enrollment counselor and in some cases, an NCAA specialist, who will progressively monitor eligibility requirements.


Student-athletes enrolled at Wolsey Hall Oxford have the ability to travel for tournaments and compete at an elite level without compromising their studies. Specialty tutors and Student Progress Managers are assigned to each student-athlete to ensure academic success and a seamless transition into university.


IESA provide flexible scheduling, blended learning and personalisation. Furthermore, all student-athletes receive full academic support by our highly qualified staff.


When we say we put the student first, we mean it. Our students have the option to chose one of the two curriculum's below.