The Women's Game

Women’s football has flourished in recent years, and interest in football played by women is currently at an all-time high. FIFA believes that women’s football still has even more potential for growth, and we actively promote women’s football worldwide through major competitions and events, campaigns and development programmes.


What we aim to promote at Invictus:

  1. The number of players who have access to the female game in Dubai.

  2. The quality of women’s football in the area.

  3. The quality of coaching available to local female players.

  4. Player pathways from grassroots to elite.

  5. Female opportunities in football



Invictus Girls

The Invictus Girls squad is aimed at developing our girls technical foundation and equipping them with all the skills they will need to progress.

First XI

Invictus Womens

The Invictus Womens squad is focused on tactical and physical progression and competition,as well as further developing and mastering techniques.




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Wed 17th OCT - Gameday 1:

Invictus Academy Women's 2 - 0 Leoni FC


Invictus Women's First XI opened their season with a convincing 2-0 defeat over Leoni FC. The Invictus squad showed strength in depth and created a large number of chances, to Leoni FC's credit they did well to remain in the game with a particularly outstanding performance from their goalkeeper.


See the extended highlights in the video here and stay tuned to see how Invictus Academy Women First XI progress as the season goes on.